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Storwell sells the following products in the UK. For more information on an individual product please click on the link or photo.

Storwell S100 Maxi File Large Archive Storage Box

Storwell S100 Maxi File

Heavy duty archive filing box for A4 and foolscap documents. Used by many public and private sector organisations.

External Dimensions: 490mm x 370mm x 245mm (19¼" x 14½" x 9⅝")
Sold in packs of 10 boxes and 10 lids. More information on the S100 Maxi File

Storwell S200 Midi File Medium Archive Storage Box

Storwell S200 Midi File

A very professional, heavy duty transfer file designed for A4 and foolscap documents.

External Dimensions: 390mm x 145mm x 265mm (15⅜" x 5¾" x 10½")
Sold in packs of 25 boxes. More information on the S200 Midi File

Storwell S500 Stock Box

Storwell S500 Stock Box

An excellent stock control box used in many pharmacies and stock rooms.

External Dimensions: 300mm x 100mm x 110mm
Sold in packs of 50 boxes and 50 dividers. More information on the S500 Stock Box

Storwell S600 XR X-Ray Storage File Box

Storwell S600 XR File

Large sized archive storage box which fits large X-Ray film files. A much loved and used product.

External Dimensions: 495mm x 237mm x 390mm (19½" x 9⅜" x 15⅜")
Sold in packs of 10 boxes. More information on the S600 XR File

Storwell S660 Safe Disposal Waste Bin

Storwell S660 Safe Bin

Safe bin for safe disposal of non-contaminated waste

External Dimensions: 322mm x 322mm x 482mm (12⅝" x 12⅝" x 19")
Sold in packs of 25 bins. More information on the S660 Safe Bin

Storwell S700 BS Archive Storage Document Box

Storwell S700 BS File

Suitable for A4 records and files and long-term durable storage.

External Dimensions: 350mm x 260mm x 280mm (13¾" x 10¼" x 11")
Sold in packs of 25 boxes. More information on the S700 BS File